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FHIR for Executives

HL7 Norge har den glede av å invitere til gratis forelesning:

HL7 FHIR for Executives



Data interoperability in the healthcare sector remains a challenge - there are a lot of interoperability standards in this area, yet the goal of seamless systems integration remains elusive. Healthcare is fractal in nature, and the economics tend to favor a silo-ed approach. At the same time, technology does change healthcare: the patient is put in ever more control, Open APIs are in increasing demand, and the use of AI is a necessity going forward. The HL7 FHIR standard is tool which was specifically created to deal with these changes.

Rene Spronk, Trainer, and involved with the FHIR standard since its inception, provides a "TED Talk" kind of overview of the HL7 FHIR standard from a strategic perspective. He will cover the origins of FHIR, its core components, as well as its benefits and challenges.

Forelesningen er på engelsk.


Forelesningen ligger nå ute på : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKr-MpptnYU&t=1985s