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FHIR for Executives

HL7 Norge har den glede av å invitere til gratis forelesning:

HL7 FHIR for Executives



Data interoperability in the healthcare sector remains a challenge - there are a lot of interoperability standards in this area, yet the goal of seamless systems integration remains elusive. Healthcare is fractal in nature, and the economics tend to favor a silo-ed approach. At the same time, technology does change healthcare: the patient is put in ever more control, Open APIs are in increasing demand, and the use of AI is a necessity going forward. The HL7 FHIR standard is tool which was specifically created to deal with these changes.

Rene Spronk, Trainer, and involved with the FHIR standard since its inception, provides a "TED Talk" kind of overview of the HL7 FHIR standard from a strategic perspective. He will cover the origins of FHIR, its core components, as well as its benefits and challenges.

Forelesningen er på engelsk.


Forelesningen ligger nå ute på : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKr-MpptnYU&t=1985s


Årsmøte HL7 Norge - 26.mars 2019

Sted: Radisson Blu, Gardermoen

Tid: 26.Mars 2019 - 15:15-16:00

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Leder HL7 Norge

Line Andreassen Sæle

HL7 Norge inviterer til generalforsamling og FHIR-kurs - mars 2018

HL7 Norge har gleden av å invitere til generalforsamling og heldagsseminar onsdag 21. mars på Radisson Blu, Gardermoen.

Agenda for dagen

Kl 09 - 11:30 : FHIR for Architects v/Rene Spronk

Kl 12:30 - 15 : IHE XDS v/ Rene Spronk

Kl 15 - 16 : Generalforsamling HL7 Norge

Klikk her for mer informasjon.


Påmelding FHIR-kurs:

Påmelding på Deltager.no: https://www.deltager.no/fhir_for_architects_ihe_xds 
Medlemmer: 710,-
Andre: 2000,-
Medlemmer som vil ha EHF faktura velger denne som kategori. HF/Firma får samlet EHF på deltakerene fra firma/HF

Påmeldingsfrist 18.03.18.

HL7 FHIR kurs 26.mars 2019


HL7 Norge har gleden av å invitere til HL7 FHIR for kurs tirsdag 26. mars, kl. 09.00—15:00 på Radisson Blu, Gardermoen. 


Velkommen v/ styreleder i HL7 Norge

Line A Sæle


FHIR  - Profiling and Implementation guides  v/ Rene Spronk

The F in FHIR stands for "Fast", and the core of FHIR (REST and

Resources) can indeed be implemented easily. All interoperability standards need to be contextualised however, to constrain the standard for use in a particular legal, policy and workflow context. This tutorial covers the core of the FHIR profiling mechanism, inclusive of related aspects such the creation of implementation guides and validation.

Forelesningen er på engelsk. 




FHIR Documents/Messaging and XDS v/ Rene Spronk

REST is the most common mechanism for the exchange of FHIR resources.

The focus of this tuturial is to show that FHIR can also be used to exchange Messages (akin to HL7v2 and KITH) and Documents (akin to CDA).

The tutorial will also cover how the use of FHIR can be combined with IHE XDS, amongst other things it will cover IHE MHD (a FHIR based version of XDS), as well as the exchange of FHIR Documents via XDS.


Prerequisite knowledge for both tutorials is some basic knowledge of the FHIR standard. 

Forelesningen er på engelsk.

Tidspunkt: Tirsdag 26.mars 2019, kl. 09.00 – 15.00

StedRadisson Blu,Gardermoen

Påmelding Påmelding Deltager.no


         Medlemmer: 750,-

         Andre: 2500,-

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Påmeldingsfrist 20.03.19. 

pHealth Conference 2018

pHealth Conference 2018


15th International Conference on Wearable, Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health (pHealth 2018), 12-14 June 2018, Gjøvik, Norway

Personalized Health (pHealth) is a global forum for technologists, health scientists and medical professionals. The forum that enables cross-collaboration, public-private partnerships, and academic research inspired by and targeting the health care. All the various stakeholders need to work together towards the efficient and effective personalized healthcare solutions. The conference focuses on modern technologies for data gathering, analysis, and dissemination to the wide range of medical, health, and well-being circumstances.





CALL for PAPERS : https://www.ntnu.edu/phealth2018/call-for-papers/


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