HL7 Norway implementation guide for FHIR

Procedure Reporting

A general Norwegian specific profile to generically exchange a secondary care procedure.

Formal Definition

A formal definition of this profile can be found here.

XML Example of an Operation Note profile

An XML example that conforms to the profile.


Procedure structure
  • The code of the procedure has to be from either NCSP Norwegian (Surgical procedure) (urn:oid:2.16.578. or NCMP Norwegian (Medical procedure) (urn:oid:2.16.578.

RESTful Operations

For the current Use Case the following RESTful operations will be supported:


Perhaps in the future other client applications will be able to query the FHIR server. In that case, the following operations will have to be supported as well:

  • READ

Search parameters

The FHIR server must be able to search for procedure on the following attributes:

  • Procedure.type
  • Procedure.subject.identifier