HL7 Norway implementation guide for FHIR

Encounter Reporting

A general Norwegian specific profile to describe how to generically exchange secondary care diagnosis. To define a diagnosis, the Condition resource is used.

The Encounter resource is currently always contained inside a procedure or diagnosis resource.

Formal Definition

A formal definition of this profile can be found here.

XML Example of a Encounter profile

An XML example that conforms to the profile.


Encounter Structure
  • The encounter's status is fixed to "finished"
  • A DIPS Encounter ID is required.

RESTful Operations

The Encounter is currently only used as a contained resource, which means that it is sent inside either a Diagnosis or a Procedure resource.

Therefor there is no need to define RESTful Operations for encounter.

Search parameters

No search parameters are defined for encounter, because the resource is currently always contained inside a diagnosis or procedure resource.