HL7 Norway implementation guide for FHIR


This is the Home Page for Norwegian FHIR Profiles for Norwegian Secondary care. It contains all information necessary to write software using FHIR to interoperate with the HL7 Norge servers, starting from a high-level view of the scope and architecture down to the data definitions and support libraries that can be used in your development environment.


  • Chapter 2 - FHIR in Norway Describes the current status of FHIR in the more broader context of Norway and the role of this proof-of-concept within Norway.

  • Chapter 3 - Architecture What technical environment is the project running in, how is data exchanged and secured.

  • Chapter 4 - Working With FHIR and Rest Find Step-by-step examples for creating, refreshing, retrieving, updating and deleting a Procedure in .NET

  • Chapter 5 - Profiles Contains a list of profiles used in Norway, including a human readable and a formal definition, and a general introduction to FHIR profiles.

  • Chapter 6 - Getting Started Contains links to get you up and running developing software for the project, including examples and libraries for specific platforms.